Saturday, March 29, 2008

tCast #88 - March 2008

tCast 88 is happy to have two people with lots of seniruty and credit in the local Mac community. Sigalit Ariely who worked long years in Yeda and Yariv Nachshon from Plonter, a Mac user from the very beginning and an owner of Macs museum, are here and they have lots to share.
This show is about them, their stories and some of the latest news.

Friday, March 21, 2008

tCast #87 - March 2008

tCast 87 is proud to have Ory Redler from the people that brought Mellel to the nac world and community.

The show is long with alot of input from Ory and some news from the past week.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

tCast #86 - March 2008

tCast 86 took 3 tries to create. First we recorded with Adi Ravid, Tal Rom, Guy Shafran and me, Boaz Ordan. The show was 80 minutes long but was recorded badly and could not be aired.

Then I ment to record it again only with Adi but he got sick so finaly, try number 3 was with Guy Shafran, I hope this try wii go through.

This show is all about the SDK for the iPhone that Apple announced last week. We go deep in to it and try to cover all aspects. We also cover the rest of the tech news.

The emails section is also larger the usual and well worth listening to...

You all enjoy now.

Boaz Ordan

Thursday, March 06, 2008

tCast #85 - March 2008

tCast 85 is a negative to tCast 84 in many ways.

If in 84 we took time to speak kind words on Idigital, in 85 we do the opposite, after reading what we think is a terrible letter by Idigital in the Mac-It forum.

Besides that many comments and emails after the 84 show and we try to read as many of them as time permits.

This week we are Adi Ravis, Boaz Ordan and coming back after awhile is Guy Shafran.