Saturday, April 19, 2008

tCast #91 - April 2008

tCast #91 with Sigalit Ariely, Adi Ravid, our weekly guest Eran Borchov for Mentor and me, Boaz Ordan.

It was a slow week in Tech news and the tCast lowers it self to this week's slowness.

Some news, some emails and some Eran. This is it for this week.

Monday, April 14, 2008

tCast #90 - April 2008

tCast #90 is a result of the problems I had in tCast #89. The last 25 minutes of #89 was where I read al your emails and comments. Those 25 minutes went bad and I had to air the show without this part.

In tCast #90 I am only reading your emails and comments, and there are allot of them. Nearly a full hour of many many emails and comments and one song at the end of it.

In this show, the listeners, you guys, are the star :-)


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

tCast #89 - April 2008

tCast #89 joins Sigalit Ariely and Adi Ravid with your host, Boaz Ordan to discuss in great details the new warranty that was published by Idigital. The new document specifies the what is covered and most important, what is not covered by Idigital.

We had a long discussion that was Followed by 20 minutes of reading the listeners feedback. The discussion you will hear, the feedbacks you will not. A technical problems killed the last 20 minutes of the recording, sorry for that.

There is a song at the end of the show dedicated to our friend Avner Braverman. Great song, worth listening to the shoe if only to hear the song.