Saturday, April 19, 2008

tCast #91 - April 2008

tCast #91 with Sigalit Ariely, Adi Ravid, our weekly guest Eran Borchov for Mentor and me, Boaz Ordan.

It was a slow week in Tech news and the tCast lowers it self to this week's slowness.

Some news, some emails and some Eran. This is it for this week.

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Tsur said...

Boaz Shalom
I love your Tcast - nice job. As a brand new Mac user, and an Israeli living in the States, it is fun to listen to.

in one of your recent Podcasts (89 or 90) you discuss Easy Buy (EZBuy?) for Personal Import into Israel. Google was not helpful - can you please send me a link to this company?


Tsuri Bernstein