Monday, September 12, 2005

The second episode of the Hebrew technology podcast from Israel. In this episode: All About the new iPod nano, iTunes 5, the new Motorola itunes phone and much much more.

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הפרק השני של הפודקאסט שלי


Carol said...

Welcome! As far as I know you are the first Hebrew speaking podcast tech or not. There are 5 English speaking ones that I am one of. Have you told non tech friends about your podcast? When I tried to tell a couple of Israeli friends what I was doing they looked at me with a glazed look in their eyes! I gave up.Maybe you could tell me how to do it! Our e mail address is on our site. We will give your show a mention on our next show. We have some Israeli listeners who are living abroad. Good luck. Now I'm going to have a listen. Carol

listening from Boston, MA - USA said...

mazal tov and ammon toda on this new podcast!

i have just discovered your show. listening from boston in the USA. i work in technology, but i have zero patience for boring english-language tech shows. but your show is entertaining, has the right attitude, and helps me practice my hebrew.

sababa. hope you will keep up the good work!


darrelandres3746 said...

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Anonymous said...

אחלה שידור, בועז!
שכחת פרט אחד באייטונס 5- היא יכולה לנגן גם רשימות השמעה של סרטי וידאו. אמנם לא נוח כמו בקוויקטיים פלייר - אין שליטה מלאה על גודל המסך, אבל אפשר לראות בפול פריים.
בהצלחה - תומי