Monday, October 31, 2005

Welcome to the 10th show of the tCast. In this show some information about the next major release of Mac OSX 10.4.3, Another iTunes music store, this time in Australia, new pricing for the Yahoo music service, a new flight search engine by google, the end of the year survey by PC Magazine of MP3 players routers, pda's and some more, couple of interesting new software and a little about our new site.

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ariel keshet said...

i am an israeli guy who studyes in paris , (the best city for mac users) i love your show , great podcast , keep up the good job , make your self powerfull and get us an Apple store in TLV!!!!! here in paris there are more then 100 stores who deal with apple and macintosh .
please get us an apple store.
i am a musician , i use Mac and protools since 1998 and i am only 27 years old
long live the MAC
good luck on the future tcasts

Aldryk said...

Hi Boaz...

I welcome and thank you for the pivoting act of being the frist hebrew poccaster :)
I, myself am a PC user, but i enjoy your show nonetheless.
If you got the time, visit my blog at

Bye for now,
Haifa, Israel.