Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tCast #101.5 - March 2009

tCast 101 and a half.

So, why and a half?

In the last couple of weeks since the HEB-DEV group announced that they are closing shop and destroying the free Hebrew code, Me, in my tCasts and many others in all the forums, are going on jabbering about this but without too much knowledge of what's really going on.

I managed to record an interview with Liraz Elias, one of the seven developers of the free Hebrew for the iPhone. He came on record with allot of what really happened to them and how did we get to where we are now regarding free Hebrew for iPhone.

Confused? You will remain so even after this out of sync tCast.


Anonymous said...

Very good - but you must stop with the silly music in the middle of the webcast.

Anonymous said...

אשכרה דלאס!
נראה שזו חבורת ילדים שלא יודעת איך לנהל עסק.
נמאס לי מכל הקשקוש הזה.

נ.ב כל הכבוד על עתונות חוקרת :)

Ehrlichman Yossef said...

It was a Purim show! Very funny!