Monday, August 07, 2006

tCast #46, the forth tCast in this war.

I am, like all of us here, under the heavy feelings that come with being in a war. The world is going on as usual and so are the tech news and I am here to bring them to you, war or no war.

A day before Mr. Jobs keynote at the WWDC and the air is full with anticipation and rumors, I will gather them for you in the first part of the show. The rest of the show will have other news from apple, some talk about Windows Vista, google and other.

I finished the show with a request. If one of the tCast Listeners lives in the north in one of the areas suffering from this war, I will be honored to be invited to his house and record the next show from the north, my little way to show my personal admiration to the folks up there.

I think it is much more appropriate then celebrating the 50th show in times like these? What do you think?

Boaz Ordan

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