Tuesday, August 22, 2006

tCast #48 is an international one. It was recorded on my MacBook Pro
while I was in a small city called Weimar in Germany and it included,
besides me, Tal Rom who in his home in Tel Aviv and Adi Ravid from his
home in Ramat Gan. After messing with trying to record it through
iChat we finally did a conference call through skype and recorded it
with a software called “Call Recorder v1.0.4” that costs 15$. I hope
it was worth it…

The show had 2 main subjects to start with, the post I added to my
site (http://www.tcast.co.il) about the huge price difference between
buying a MacBook in Israel and importing it from the US and the
possibility of a localized version of Leopard. After that, the usual
assortments of news from all over.


Boaz Ordan

MP3 File

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